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Retiring faculty have profound influence on students, College

Jane Lunin Perel, professor of English and of women’s studies

Jane Lunin Perel, professor of English and of women’s studies

This year, 12 faculty members are retiring after more than 40 years of service each at Providence College. Together, they devoted 538 years of teaching, guiding tens of thousands of PC students. 

The list includes esteemed researchers and authors who have left their mark on the College in myriad ways — by serving in administrative roles, and by creating and leading academic programs such as Development of Western Civilization and Women’s Studies that will live on long after they leave campus. 

  • Dr. Brian M. Barbour, professor of English; 1969; director, American Studies & Development of Western Civilization programs; chair, Department of English
  • Gail A. Broome, assistant professor of mathematics; 1973
  • Dr. Carol B. Crafts, associate professor of biology; 1973; assistant dean and associate dean of undergraduate studies; chair, Department of Biology; health professions advisor
  • Dr. Richard B. Goldstein, professor of mathematics; 1971; director, Tuition Exchange Program
  • Dr. Richard J. Grace ’62, professor of history; 1965; director, Liberal Arts Honors Program; chair, Department of History
  • Dr. Mark S. Hyde, professor of political science; 1970; chair, Department of Political Science; director, Public Administration Program
  • Dr. Arthur F. Jackson ’59, associate professor of philosophy; 1967; chair, Department of Philosophy
  • Dr. Richard A. Lambe, associate professor of psychology; 1967; chair, Department of Psychology
  • Dr. James H. McGovern ’68G, associate professor of humanities in history; 1968; assistant dean of the College; associate vice president for academic administration
  • Edwin P. Palumbo ’50, instructor of economics; 1963
  • Jane Lunin Perel, professor of English and of women’s studies; 1971; director, Women’s Studies Program
  • Dr. Josephine A. Ruggiero, professor of sociology; 1973; chair, Department of Sociology 
Dr. Brian M. Barbour, professor of English

Dr. Brian M. Barbour, professor of English

2 thoughts on “Retiring faculty have profound influence on students, College

  1. Lots of fine teachers there. I remember many of them and had the fortune to be taught by three of them: Goldstein, Grace and Lambe. Being a math major, Dr Goldstein was a very special person to me. A great teacher and mentor. My last “meeting” with him was after graduation along interstate 95 near Providence in the early 80’s. I spotted his trademark VW, waved to him and we had a quick hello at 55 MPH with our windows down. He made math easy and fun. I was able to capitalize on that with a 33 year career at IBM. Thank you all for the tools you gave us!

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